Lucy Westenra is a nice, caring, and loving women. Lucy likes to help out with the elders and talk to them to keep them company. Lucy Westenra is a sweet, pretty looking women who has a nice soft "colour" (skin tone). However, Lucy also usually wears lawn frocks and always wears make up and blush.
    I would be friends with Lucy Westenra. I would be friends with her because she is a strong, funny, and nice person. Also, one thing that she does that I happen to agree with is get other people's opinions, compare them to your own, then get your final decision.
    Lucy fits in with the society around her because she acts and talks like all the other women around her. However, what sets Lucy and the other women apart, is her personality and her looks. Also, the clothes that she wears, sometimes lawn frocks, were in the time period that Dracula is based around.
    One of the biggest decisions that Lucy had to make was which guy she wanted to marry. Three guys asked her to marry them in the same day, she had to choose only one. Her decision was surprising and funny in a way. I agree with who she chose because he was different then the average guy in England; He spoke slang, dressed differently, and was used to a different culture.

The character you described sounds like a kind and outgoing woman. She is different from my character, Hercule Poirot, because while Poirot isn't afraid to speak his mind, he would rather keep to himself. However, Lucy sounds similar to a woman in my book named Mrs. Hubbard. She is outgoing and is not afraid to speak her mind. Although I do not agree with her decisions in my novel, I believe her personality is similar to Lucy's.


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