Biography: Bram Stoker + Dracula...

     Abraham Stoker is one of the most recognized authors for Gothic novels. He was an accomplished athlete, journalist, author, theater manager and theater critic who is  most known for his Gothic novel Dracula. Dracula was a famous novel written in the year 1897 and is still well known today. However, some of his other novels are Liar of the white worm, The Haunted Hour, Dark Arrows, and Under the Sunset.

Abraham (Bram) Stoker was born on November 8, 1847 in Clontarf, Ireland. He grew up to attend Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. He graduated with honors in Mathematics and he was great in athletics as well. Bram Stoker worked in the Irish Civil Service however, he also worked as an acting manager at the Lyceum Theatre. Shortly after graduating, Bram Stoker married Florence Balcombe and had a child named Noel in 1879. In the same year, the couple and their child, moved to Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, in London.

       What inspired Bram Stoker the most to start writing? When he was a child, his mother Charlotte, told him stories and tales about the Cholera Epidemic of 1832 (an infection of the small intestine). These tales stuck in Bram Stoker’s imagination. Also, working at the theater and writing some manuscripts influenced him as well. Therefore, Stoker, looking past his personal life, then started to begin publishing and writing novels, books, skits, and screenplays. He published one of his first novels, The Snake’s Pass in 1890. After writing this story, he decided to continue writing. Some of his writings included Dark Arrows, Dracula’s Guest, The Liar of The White Worm, The Squaw, Under the Sunset, and The Children of the Night. His stories and novels were usually based around romanticized plots, supernatural and sometimes strange characters. They had a lot of drama. But Stoker, working for his friend Henry Irving, in the Irish Civil Service, was forced to work and tour outside of the country. Thus, influenced the most famous and classic book written by Bram Stoker, Dracula.

       The famous classic 
Draculaappeared in 1897. The focus point of this story is based around journal entries written by Jonathan Harke, when he meets the mysterious and bone-chilling Count Dracula in Transylvania. Dracula, blood-thirsty vampire, then follows Harke back to England to continue on with his endeavors. “Dracula” is a gothic vampire story that has shocking and contains somewhat gruesome events. From critics perspectives the story could be based around folkloric, political, and religious views.

       Bram Stoker continued writing throughout his life although, his best friend, Henry Irving, died in 1905. This was a very hard time in Stoker's life because Henry Irving was with him through most of his adventures. Therefore, he was extremely affected by his friend’s death that he had a stroke. However, Bram still wrote and did newspaper work until his death on April 20, 1912 in London, England.


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