Dracula by Bram Stoker; most well-known book. Also, became a classic.

   Bram (Abraham) Stoker is one of the most recognized authors for Gothic novels. He was an accomplished athlete, journalist, author, theater manager and theater critic who is  most known for his Gothic novel “Dracula”. “Dracula” was a famous novel written in the year 1897 and is still well known today. However, some of his other novels are “Liar of the white worm”, “The Haunted Hour”, “Dark Arrows”, and “Under the Sunset.”

    The classic film "Dracula" was created in the U.S on February 14, 1931. It has been translated into different languages. However, its original language is English, but some words are Hungarian and Latin. "Dracula" is about seventy-five minutes long and was filmed in black and white.

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                                                 What makes a classic novel classic?
    A classic novel is work that stands the test of time. Also, a classic usually expresses some type of feeling, talent, and/or quality. For example, a classic could express a feeling about love, truth, or desire.

                                        What makes a classic film classic?
    To consider a film a classic, it also has to stand the test of time as well as a classic novel. However, a classic film should also act as an model to other pieces of work.