A classic novel is a novel that can stand the test of time. However, to make a novel a classic, it has to have the following characteristics: Needs to be timely, but timeless. Needs to present what is really true, readable in its style, able to make connections, and will still be around years after it first appeared.
    A classic needs to be timely, but timeless. This means that the novel expresses an influence during the time it was written. However, it also needs to deal with themes that touch cultures and most periods of history. The novel needs to present what is really true and readable in style: story of a classic is well developed which keeps the reader interested while also using characters that are profound, but seem real. Lastly, a classic novel needs to be able to make connections and still be around years later. A true classic must have been around for a while. All in all, classics show influences from other writers and other great works in literature.
    Dracula is a classic novel. Dracula is a classic because it is timely; the time that it was written in affects the way that the characters talk and act and how the author writes. However, it is readable in style. "Where his body has gone why may not another body go?" Even though, the characters, setting, and actions are not as modern as today, Dracula is still readable.
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You say a classic must be able to make connections. Is there anything you can connect to in the writing? Like anything you recognize in today's authors or novels that Bram uses in Dracula? Also, why do you think Dracula is a timeless novel? What do you think has carried it through the years and kept peoples attention and interest?


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